DREAM 2 Ticket

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What is DREAM 2?

DREAM stands for Dent Repair Expo And More ~ It’s an online trade show (Live Nov 13th + 30 days access to the recorded sessions). Vendor booths with videos and links, live demos, presentations, and more.

When is DREAM 2?

November 13th, 2021 – Opening Commencement Speech will start at 9:50 am CST
Speakers start at 10am CST ~ Show floor will be live from 11sm CST
Speed Networking Virtual Bar and Lounges Closing Ceremony PDR Drinking Game ~ Show hours will be shown in your time zone

Where is DREAM 2?

DREAM 2 comes to you! Simply click on the link that will be emailed to you the day before and the day of the expo. Use Chrome for the best experience. You can have your friends, co-workers, and tool companies right there with you. Be sure to invite your friends!

Why Did DREAM Start?

To increase connection, reach, and impact. We were looking for a new way to help elevate the industry and we found it!

Why Should I Attend DREAM 2?

Attendee full access admissions includes:

  • 30-day access to the virtual exhibit floor
  • Over 20 DREAM Talks education sessions
  • Discounts on new products
  • Free prizes drawings (for those in attendance)
  • Sharing information with the best in PDR and more.

All of this for only $199. You’ll gain that many times over with one new idea.

Have fun! Learn and transform your thinking and your business!
See the latest tools and get some great deals!

Who is DREAM 2 for?

Anyone in the Dent Repair Industry!

Who should NOT Attend DREAM 2?

Close minded, negative people who already know it all.

What’s one important thing I should know?

All presentation speeches will be recorded and your ticket will get you access to them for 30 days following the show!

Dave Streen & Don Kavanagh

are proud to be the organizers of the Dent Repair Expo And More (DREAM).
The industry’s first online trade show and educational event.

Dave Streen is the owner of EdgyTools with multiple patented PDR tools and over 20 years in the PDR industry.
Don Kavanagh is the owner of DentKraft PDR and has over 35 years of PDR industry experience.