Little Red Reaper – Dent Reaper

Little Red Reaper

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The Little Red Reaper has the same great Sharp Tip, Extended Kick, & Shaved Taper as the original Dent Reaper, but is slightly shorter (23") with a slightly smaller diameter(3/8"). 

This allows you to get all the benefits of the Original Dent Reaper PDR Door Tool in tighter spaces... i.e... extra tight doors, fenders, etc... 

Do you want to fix dents faster and cleaner?

 The Original Dent Reaper PDR Door Tool is the best door tool for Paintless Dent Repair available today.

It was designed by a seasoned PDR tech to be highly versatile, powerful, precise, and efficient.

Get a Dent Reaper today! You'll be glad you did.